Leap Summer Immersion


Start your high school experience with confidence as you build the skills to balance life both inside and outside the classroom. 

Spend part of your summer learning, making life-long friends, and building the confidence, 弹性, and knowledge to leap into your next school year. 寄宿生, this program simulates the balance of boarding life and the academic experience to help you transition smoothly in the fall. With the primary focus on developing life skills to succeed in a boarding school, you will have a dedicated residence life 工作人员 to help you gain valuable skills to live in a dorm. Day students will experience a morning of academics and an afternoon of activities. 作为走读学生, you are welcome to participate in evening and weekend activities for an additional fee.


Day 周末 Activity Fee: $700

“Leap was a good transition for my son David. It helped him transition to a new state, establish new friendships, and get acclimated to a boarding school environment in a smaller, more comfortable setting.” - Lina, Parent ‘22, Connecticut

About the Program

Program Structure



Morning – breakfast (brunch at weekends)

学术 & study skills classes

Community service opportunities

Afternoon – lunch and snack

Life skills/activities


Evening – dinner and evening snack

Opportunities for personal, community & 学习时间

Boarding Bonding 活动


On-Campus 活动

About the Directors

Amy Ciafrei and Josh Sands are thrilled to lead the summer Leap Summer Immersion program here at 韦德娱乐app下载地址. Amy and Josh collectively have over twenty years of boarding school experience.

We are dedicated to providing each student with the executive functioning tools, metacognitive skills and academic strategies to prepare your student for a successful transition into boarding school. We are committed to creating a safe, kind and caring environment where students will be celebrated for who they are, while learning to value the differences of others. The Leap program will instill a sense of confidence and autonomy that will set your student up for success as they experience boarding school for the first time. 

Please feel free to reach out to Amy and Josh at leap@guilubushenpian.net