ESL Program


Solebury School's 英语作为第二语言 (ESL) Program is a vital part of the school community in which international students are prepared to successfully meet the academic and personal challenges of studying in a foreign country.

该项目由ESL主任Cinnie Wappel(如图)领导。, 他是ESL领域的真正专家,自1990年以来一直在索伯里. Students are encouraged to always speak English and express their ideas and opinions openly in order to build strong communication skills with faculty and American students. Assimilation into Solebury’s community is made easier by joining clubs and sports teams, as well as participating in dormitory and weekend activities and community service trips. 一旦达到一定程度的信心, 学生可以申请学生会的领导职位, academic areas, and dormitory life, 要想进入竞争激烈的大学,哪些是必不可少的.

To help an international student face these challenges, an advisor is chosen. This advisor, 由学生选择的教员, 帮助指导他们在索伯里学校的职业生涯, keeping them focused and on target for graduation and fulfilling the role of parents who are half way around the world. It isn't long before students find themselves practicing their English more often and immersed in the American culture in a small, safe environment. 正是这种经历造就了成功!

康奈尔大学毕业 Junhua (Richard Wu) '13

Our three-year ESL (英语作为第二语言) Program is built on content and skills courses in three interconnected levels:

1. A Foundations Level designed to develop language skills and introduce American culture and education experience,

2. an Intermediate Level designed to solidify language skills and begin the mainstream transition process,

3. and a Transitions Level designed to ensure students are fully prepared to succeed in the American system going forward.

托福成绩——以及学生的推荐信, grades, 面试——确定学生进入项目的入门水平. 一旦被录取, 学生们致力于整个过程, completing all required courses from the point at which they enter the program. 他们遵循既定的道路,直到他们完全成为主流. TOEFL scores are NOT used to exit the program before it has been completed. For example, a student who joins the program at the Intermediate level must complete all the required courses at the Intermediate Level, then all the required courses at the Transitions Level before completing the program to become a “full mainstream” student.



1. Foundations Level


  • Communications I 
  • Mechanics of Writing 
  • 长篇小说和短篇小说 
  • 主流数学(水平由分班考试决定) 
  • 主流科学(通常是概念物理或荣誉物理)

At the Foundations Level students do not receive grades in their ESL courses at the end of the first trimester. This is to give students time to become comfortable with the American system of education and the challenges of learning a second language. We believe that if students do not have to worry about grades in their first trimester, 他们可以专注于索伯里生活的各个方面, 并更好地适应新环境. This gives students more opportunities for success as they proceed forward. 

2. Intermediate Level


  • Communications II 
  • 阅读与写作
  • Exploring Civilizations 
  • Mainstream Science 
  • 主流数学(水平由分班考试决定) 
The Intermediate Level is a crucial step in the program where essential content is learned and necessary skills are strengthened, even though very few outward signs of “英语作为第二语言” remain. 


3. Transitions Level


  • Writing Portfolio
  • Literature Seminar 
  • Mainstream Science 
  • 主流数学(根据年级而定)
  • 另一门主流课程(基于兴趣和实习) 

当学生进入过渡阶段, 所有传统ESL的痕迹都消失了, 所有课程都使用主流教材. 

For ALL LEVELS: students may take additional mainstream classes as long as they fit into their schedule of required courses.


Bridging the Distance

Solebury teachers are experienced in teaching English to international students, and they are especially sensitive to our students' need to adapt to living in the United States. 在ESL主任的指导下, 教职员工和宿舍家长帮助他们融入社区, support them in classes, and especially, 处理好离家这么远的事. We work equally hard to help parents stay connected to their child by sending pictures of them in their activities, emailing updates about their progress and posting video and audio clips from events on the school's website.


这是个重大的决定,我们是来帮你的. 请随时联系 Scott Eckstein, Meg PerryJordan Reed or Rashad Shabazz 如有任何问题,请到招生办询问.